Custom Plates Are the Perfect Gift

This year for Christmas I wanted to find a unique for my husband since he is so hard to buy for. He loves cars and is always looking for new or different items for them. I thought it would be a good idea to find a place to buy custom number plates online. I would like to get him custom number plates with his name on them that are road legal. I knew this would take a little bit of research on my behalf but was willing to put in the work to find the perfect gift for my husband.

It did not take nearly as long as I thought to find a reputable online company that offered exactly what I was looking for. Continue reading “Custom Plates Are the Perfect Gift”

Features and Functions of the New Pajero Sport

The new Pajero Sport i.e. the Pajero Sport 2016 reportedly debuted in Thailand in August 2015. The designers and craftsmen at Mitsubishi have ensured that the new car has a mind-blowing exterior and have also included a series of fascinating features to its interior. The car comes with an X-shaped bumper in its front and will offer you a machismo feel at the first glance. Experts are saying that the company has created this new version of Sport particularly for the speed lovers. To know more about the vehicle’s features and functions read through the discussion below.

The Pajero Sport 2016 boasts a truly tough design. The car’s chassis has a pragmatic ladder frame design, which makes it slightly longer compared to its predecessors. If you are a car enthusiast, you will know that the exterior of this vehicle has been borrowed from that of the GR-HEV Utility Concept. It possesses slim swept headlights on its back and a sturdy character line bordering its side profile. These features provide the SUV an absolutely dashing look.

Let us now discuss about the performance of the vehicle. For offering the performance every SUV owner desires, the vehicle comes equipped with a 2.5 l, 4-cylinders diesel engine. According to experts, this engine is capable of producing power of up to 176 bhp at 4000 rotations per minute. The torque offered by the engine at peak, on the other hand, is also pretty impressive at 400 nm. In short, few rival vehicle models will be able to beat this Mitsubishi creation when it comes to power and transmission.

Another amazing quality of the vehicle is its on-road stability. A wheelbase of 3,000 mm allows the car to be more stable when on the go than the majority of its competitors.

The Pajero Sport 2016 is special not only because of its exterior, but also due to its plush interior. The manufacturer has made sure that motorists don’t struggle to maneuver the car by adding user-friendly driving features to it. The driving experience has been enhanced even further through inclusion of sensory suspensions, which allow motorists to effortlessly spot slightest of bumps on the road.

The interior of the new Pajero Sport is quite spacious. There’s ample legroom to ensure that passengers can spread their legs comfortably when traveling on this vehicle. In addition, there’s also enough space for positioning the arms.

The seat dedicated for the driver is an absolutely compact grid. Sitting on it, you will be able to reach all the controls and buttons in the car without any difficulty.

The All New Toyota Innova Crysta Review


• Its internal cabin is spacious and enormously comfortable for long tours. Its interior’s fit and finish is known to be segment’s best.

• Ownership experience offered by Toyota is satisfying.

• Drivability of diesel engine is admirable.

• It has a robust body construction, which is known to be durable and highly reliable with regards to safety.


• Its price range, compared to its direct competitors is significantly higher.

• Diesel engine becomes noisy, especially after clocking 3000rpm or 100 Kmph mark.

• Gear ratio is too short for highways.

Background & Evolution

This MPV was introduced in the year 2005. Over the years, it received some minor cosmetic updates, but there was no generation update until now. The outgoing version looks more like the one with after-market modifications and it isn’t as impressive as its previous avatar. Now the new generation Innova Crysta looks better than ever before and is certainly one of the best looking cars by Toyota.


Toyota Innova Crysta is now available with two new diesel engine options. One is the 2.4-litre oil-burner, which can belt out 150 Ps power along with 343Nm of torque. The other one is a 2.8-litre engine that has a displacement capacity of 2755cc. This engine has the ability to churn out 174 Ps of maximum power that results in a hammering 360Nm torque. The company is offering both the engines with a choice of manual and automatic transmission options.

Ride & Handling:

Constructed on a ladder frame chassis, this new Toyota Innova Crysta has van like proportions but negates its size once on the move. Balancing this MPV is excellent and it drives more like a saloon than an MPV. With double wishbone suspension at front and four link type of setup at rear offers lively handling characteristics that no other vehicle is capable of. The Toyota Innova Crysta comes with rear wheel drive configuration that enables 50:50 load distribution. As for the braking, it has superior braking combination with ventilated discs and leading-trailing. We have driven the top-spec ZX trim, which had ABS braking mechanism. This really helped us to drive to the fullest.


Despite heavy competition, Toyota Innova is continuing its success run in India. The New Innova Crysta went on to garner more than 15000 bookings within 10 days of its launch. Although the price range is high, it is good to go with this MPV, since the car has everything that you are looking for.

2014 BMW M5: New Muscle Car Innovation

While the rest of the cars in the market have their own revisions, the 2014 BMW M5 too undergoes the same. The revision is designed to fit the desired driving needs of everyone who’s into these types of muscle and athletic automobiles. The model being the most successful one among all the BMW models was launched in parallel with the rest. As the three of the BMW 5 Series models have their own characteristics, this too have its pleasant features that emphasizes the type of innovation used!

Its handling properties were made a lot better through the Competition Package, so that it would fit every driver’s needs. It didn’t have yet the M carbon ceramic brakes until March of 2013. The BMW M5 originally had only 1152 horsepower Twin Turbo V8. The S model then and the Competition Pack have more stuff, revised suspension and more power. These are what we are going enjoy this year. From March of 2013, various colors of the M5 model was introduced in the market and they came in Pyrite Brown metallic, Pure Metal Silver and Frozen Blue metallic.

These supercars have the 4.4L Twin Turbo V8 power engine with 575 horsepower. The torque has 500 lb-ft and an automatic transmission with 7-speed twin-clutch. The wheelbase is 116.7 inches and curb weight is at 4369 lbs. If you check the base price around, you’ll realize how good that will be for an investment for your hobby.

Along with all the engine revisions and its performance are the features and equipment. These are the following:

5-passenger full leather heated bucket seats

Custom-made instrument cluster

3-spoke multifunction wheel

6-speed manual transmission

Dashboard with BMW infotainment system

Upgraded stereo system and entertainment system at the rear seat

Internet access

Night vision and pedestrian detection

LED headlights

Automatic doors (soft-close)

Warning system for lane departure

Front and side curtain airbags

Tire pressure monitor

Traction control systems

With all the features above and even more that comes along with achieving the safety driving needs of anyone having it, no one would bother saving up and dreaming or aiming of having one. This is because of the system with driver assistance and mobility services. What’s so good with the driver assistance is that it helps the driver stay away from danger through the warning system for collision and lane departure.

By just looking at both the interior and exteriors of the 2014 BMW M5, you will see how powerful the supercar is. The interior allowable capacity along with the storage compartments gives you more excitement for driving the car along with your friends. The leather steering wheel as well gives you an idea of how good the double spoke wheels could be. Going back to the exteriors, 2014 BMW M5 could be acquired in the colors you as you want among what’s available from them as mentioned earlier. Each color suits for every choice, whether you’re a male or a female muscle-car enthusiast.

Who wouldn’t want to have a car like that? With fully powered engine and luxurious look, you’ll be able to grab the car of your dreams!

Mary McIntyre has been writing for 7 years now and believes in the value of quality contents and informative articles. She desires to share more of her work here. Feel free to reach out and contact her!

Latest SUV Model: The 2014 Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Most car models come with all-new features that are introduced based from their own predecessor’s characteristics. For the case of 2014 Land Rover Range Rover Sport, it is being released with even more strength and is distinctive among the other two models Evoque and Range Rover. It may share some common DNA with those, but what make it stand out are the unique parts it does have, giving a big impact on the look and the feel of it.

The 2014 Range Rover Sport is a luxury for the new era of sports SUV enthusiasts. It is being said to be established as a desirable and sustainable powerhouse British brand. When compared to its previous model, it is known to have more aerodynamic at eight percent and having an achievable Cd 0.34 drag figure. The luxury of it is so obvious with its progressive and bold design of the exteriors. That’s not yet even talking about the interiors and engine powers.

Giving a bold highlight on the model’s DNA, the key elements it does have are the horizontal feature lines of the body, the wheel arch graphic that’s so powerful and the rocker mouldings which are designed to be unique. And not to forget, it comes along with the clamshell bonnet showing the brand’s signature. The new model that is being introduced to us for 2014 is a lot lighter, more comfortable and fun to drive along than the rest of the older models.

Let’s take a closer look at the features:

Eight-speed automatic all-wheel drive
New engine platform and styling
340 horsepower supercharged engines from V-8 to V6
New aluminium unibody
7 seating capacity
Lighter weight
Less fuel consumption
LED front and rear lamps

Most customers come for different design options, and they can expect to see various interior themes with 11 varied colors. They could as well decide for a seat color they want. There are 4 options of interior aluminium finishes and 3 options for the real wood veneers. Customers can pick any of the 3 choices of headliner colors. What’s nice about this model is that it gives one the chance of not having too many other people owning the same color of the same model, and that’s because there are 19 exterior color paint options with 3 different exterior accent varieties. The roof can be any of the Santorini Black, Corris Grey or Indus Silver.

Shifting back to its performance rather than just the look and feel, these Range Rover Sport cars are very easy to operate and intuitive. Its acceleration allows it to traverse the toughest terrain or lets you enjoy the simplicity of the smoothest roads. And more to that, let’s not fail to mention that its off-road capabilities are excellent due to the fact that it can even go and wade through around 33 inches of water. Isn’t that amazing?

While the back seats at the third row are designed for limited use, families who go for a long road trip bring their kids with them who can occupy those. When the seats aren’t going to be used, they can be folded flat so that some cargo can be placed in. Overall, the Range Rover Sport isn’t just considered a sports car but also one that can be for a luxurious family use.

What Is The Use Of Spacers In Wheels Of Cars?

When wheel spacers are fitted onto a car, you can fix larger tires. When it is fixed to the car hub, more clearance is created within the hub and the assembly of the wheels. With the installation of the car wheel spacer, offset can be developed in between the assembly and the hub. The wheel spacers are attached to the car’s bolt system, and they have bolts upon themselves on which the wheel are mounted. The creation of this gap between the wheel and the body of the car is easier for customized wheel which is bigger and offer greater road grip to the car.

Advantages of wheel spacer

If you are fitting a new set of wheel spacer to your car, you can boost up the appearance of your car. Many car owners attach wheel spacers to render an attractive look to their vehicles. When spacers are fixed, the durability of the car is improved. It also becomes safer as chances of accidents get minimized. The wheels of a car protrude out giving more balance to the car. The broadening of the wheelbase eases out the pressure in a wider tire base. The car’s equilibrium becomes better. It does not topple easily after meeting with an accident.

Increase the bolt pattern

When the wheel spacer is fixed to the wheel hub of the car, the bolt pattern which exists presently will be modified. A good wheel adapter can easily change the patterns of bolts from a 4 bolt to a 6 bolt type. When the number of bolt increases that attachment of the wheel onto the spacer becomes firmer. The chances of wheels coming off are minimized. With the inclusion of spacer, you can use custom wheels on your car. With the increase in the number of bolts options, this becomes easier. The offset of the cart also is raised which aids you in better control of the car.

Get the right fit

With the independence of buying a tire after spacers are fitted, you can enhance the looks of your car with custom tire fitting. Purchase of the wheel spacer should be made with care. The wrong spacer can spell risk factors increase for you. Consult a person who has the technical knowledge of spacer and can guide you for purchasing the right product for your car. The correct specifications and dimensions are very important for your spacer. The prices also vary. They are generally dependent on the quality of the material used for the manufacture. Try to go for the best quality materials without compromising the price part.

Do research before purchase

The reputed companies dealing with wheel spacers are keeping spacer for different brands of vehicles with the ones for the different models of the brand. Go through their website to select the most matching one. You can get to see the images along with the technical specifications of the individual models. If you are unsure about the choices, the customer service section of these companies can help you out in getting the right one.

Toyota Fortuner 3.0 4WD Automatic


Noted automobile maker Toyota has been quite busy with SUV segment as it could do a good business in this segment. Despite its brisk business in this segment, the Fortuner was sitting idly by when other models such Rexton, CR-V, Yeti and the Santa Fe were getting sold as hot cakes in the market. The company did not do anything to improve the sale of its SUV to stay in contention. Of late, the company has finally given its top-end 3.0-liter 4WD variant an automatic gearbox so that vehicle lovers can finally have a capable Fortuner without having to change gears while driving. Is it enough to keep the big Toyota relevant in a sea of modern competition? We have to wait and see.

Look and Feel

When company decided to revamp the structure, Fortuner was given some small visual tweaks to make its outside appearance look better. The changes implemented include slightly smoked out head and tail lamps, and addition of chrome bezels in the fog lamps. It also has a new 12-spike dark grey alloy wheels to add to its external appeal. Moreover, the revamped model also comes in a totally new colour Mica Grey.

Interior Design

The interiors of the revamped model now come in all black themes with little wood varnish on the dash and door pads. The look is simple and rather muted. However, Toyota makes up for it by making sure that there are plenty of customer comforts. There is a lot of space in the middle row. Only catch is that the customers would have to fold up the third row seats to reach massive storage area on the rear side of the vehicle.

Vehicle Specifications

The new vehicle gets cruise control and auto xenon headlamps with washers to drive in dark and rainy conditions. It also comes with a reverse camera, power adjustable driver’s seat and a new touch-screen for the dashboard. The much talked-about dashboard houses an infotainment navigation unit that features a voice control. This feature is a little slow to respond to the adjustments made. The facilities inside the SUV are connected using AUX, USB and Bluetooth options. Under the hood, the revamped vehicle comes with a 3.0-liter engine that can produce a power of 171PS and a torque of 343 Nm. Though the engine is smooth and punchy, it is still quite loud inside the cabin. With this engine specification, it can reach 100 kilometres per hour speed within 12 seconds. It also comes with a 5-speed torque converter that is similar to the one found in 4×2 variant.

2017 Jeep Wrangler Review


The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is a medium-sized, compact car from the famous SUV manufacturer. Its design roots can be traced back to Willy’s MB and Jeep CJ that used to be produced back in the early days of the SUV. The new Jeep Wrangler models have the traditional toughness you could expect from a Jeep yet gives an entirely refined appearance. The new 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is expected to hit the showrooms later this year. So, let’s give you a run-down of what you can expect from it and what changes are present from its earlier 2016 version as well as what its competitors are up to.


The new 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited won’t have a complete shift from its 2016 version that’s for sure since any major design overhaul from the company invites scepticism from the auto lovers. Most of us have been used to the rugged frame, full throttle four-wheel drive and a pair of robust axles and so we can’t expect anything too far-off. But, regarding the new model’s materials used, Jeep is expected to use rendered Aluminium since it will make the car even stronger yet lighter. You can also expect the iconic folded down windscreen as well this time around!

Any mechanical changes?

Since Jeep has going on about it a while, we can possibly expect it in the 2017 edition, and that is the small matter of automatic transmission. The 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited had 6-speed manual and 5-speed automatic transmission, and the problem was with the latter since the power breakdown wasn’t enough to cater for the heavy requirements of an off-road vehicle. So, Jeep will increase it to an 8-speed automatic transmission this time around, and this will help improve the accelerator response and fuel efficiency on the go for the new car. Torque is expected to remain unchanged at 260 lb/ft. The same thrilling 4WD experience will also be continued (Like it is ever going to end!)

Fuel Economy

Thanks to the new 8-speed automatic transmission and body frame, the fuel efficiency of 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is expected to increase significantly this time around. It can be as much as 1-2 mpg in manual transmission and 3-4 mpg in the automatic transmission. The car is expected to continue with 87-Octane fuel just like before.

Any price concerns?

They are expected to go up a little bit more than the yearly inflation rates since the change in the transmission and body would require more premium work. Price range from a manual transmission-based two-door Sport model @ $25,000 and a fully loaded Rubicon around $45,000 inclusive of the destination fee that was about $1,000 on its own.


Nissan Frontier, Subaru Forester, Toyota Tacoma and Colorado from Chevrolet are just a few of the competitors you can expect to give a tough time to the Jeep’s new and refined monster. But regarding fuel economy and pure thrill, who can come close to this beauty?

Fit Spacers for Rims Into Your Vehicle for Enhanced Efficiency

There are innumerable benefits that you will get by fitting wheel spacers onto your vehicle. But this can only take place if you select the right spacers. If you are having the required knowledge about these materials, you will not have to depend on anyone. If you are unaware about these fittings, it is better to seek the advice of the professionals with the dealers of these devices. They can guide you regarding the selection of the most suitable spacers. You will be able to bring down the cost of the maintenance of your vehicle as the overall efficiency will rise.

Performance of the vehicle is bettered

Once you attach the correct spacers for rims, performance of your vehicle will be enhanced. After you ride the car, you will experience a far smoother rider than before. As the spacers make the wheels push out, you can also attach wider tires. This enhances the road grip. The suspension system works better with the bigger tires. You will find lesser impact when the wheel falls into the potholes when the car is in motion. Some people feel that with the addition of wheel spacers, the overall weight of the car is increased. They fear that the efficiency of the car may go down. This does not happen in reality. With addition of the light weight and strong spacers, you can take sharp turns easily.

Tire life is increased

When the spacers are inserted between the wheel and the hub of the car, the overall fitting becomes tighter. This brings down the jerking and the feel of the ride is also enhanced. If the tires are of the larger variety and the spacers are absent, there is always the possibility of the tires to rub against the body parts. This can increase the wear and tear of the tires. Increase of friction is the primary cause for this. Fitting the spacers will reduce the friction element and the lives of the tires are increased. You will have to shell out lesser money on the tire replacements.

Increase the balance of your car

With the fixation of the spacers for rims, your car balance improves. As the wheels get spaced outwards, the distance between the right and the left wheels are increased on the shaft. The weight of the car gets a better balance with a shift in the equilibrium of the car. It gets improved further when a wider tire is used. As the surface area of the tires increase, the car weight gets distributed over a wider area. This affects the road grip positively.

Looks get improved also

Apart from the betterment of the ride feeling, the looks of the car become modern and robust. As the spacers make the tires to jut out, it gives a rugged and masculine look. This type of appearance is liked by many people. Many young people like this enhanced look and often go for the fixing of the spacers. You can have dual benefits of enhanced efficiency and look by fitting the spacers.

Review of the 2017 VW Tiguan for Palm Springs Volkswagen Dealers

So every parent that considers a new vehicle usually has just one important question before all others questions, and that is this…

Just How Safe is VW’s Tiguan for 2017?

There is 7 Stability-Enhancing Technologies designed to increase the safety rating on the all new 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan.

– Electronic Brake-Pressure Distribution (EBD) which helps appropriate stopping power needed when in a hard braking scenario.

– Electronic Stability Control can calibrate the energy from the vehicle to use the appropriate amount of power and rotation to each wheel.

– Intelligent Crash Response System which inside the occasion of an accident the airbags will deploy and the ICRS will switch off the fuel pump, open your doors and activate your emergency lights immediately.

– Automatic Post-Collision Braking System, in the occasion of a collision sometimes your vehicle will not stop. That’s why these vehicles include Automatic Post-Collision Braking System to assist bringing your vehicle to a stop after a collision helping reduce the additional chances of another impact.

– Brake Disc Drying – In the rainfall, your brakes will be dried by applying the windshield wipers to switch on the system for more confident braking power in the rain.

VW’s Tiguan provides daily adventure

If you are searching for an everyday adventurous turbocharged high performing and tech-savvy car full of latest features…

Well then you really want to have a look at the 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan Sport Utility Vehicle.

A sophisticated vehicle that doesn’t just look terrific but it is extremely versatile too. Other tech option on the VW Tiguan for 2017.

– A Touchscreen sound system.
– Rear view camera system.
– Wireless technology with music streaming for compatible devices like your BlackBerry or iPod.
– Sirius satellite radio with 3-month trial subscription at zero cost to you.
– Touchscreen Navigation system.
– Fender premium stereo.

Starting at price of $24,995 this specific SUV gets 20 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the freeways of United States of America.

Like I stated earlier that when you get behind the steering wheel is when the magic happens… Now you’ll experience the power of the 4 Cyl 2.0L TSI engine with 200 hp plus 207 pound-feet of torque.

Include the offered 4MOTION all-wheel-drive for extra traction control to enhance the agility and handling.

Engine Specs for the 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan.
– 4 cylinder 2.0L TS! 200 hp engine.
– 6-speed automatic transmission.
– 20 city mpg and 24 freeway mpg.
– 207 pound-feet of torque.
– A Tuned-Sports Suspension as an offered option for remarkable drive control.

Exterior Attributes of the 2017 Tiguan by Volkswagen.
For a sportier look, you can go with the 16-inch alloy rims or select a bigger rim and tires set like the 17-inch, 18-inch or perhaps even 19-inch wheels.

Other options include power-operated heated outside mirrors within an integrated turn-signal and available roof rack.

HID headlamps with LED daytime-running lights for a more vibrant range of light to help improve the visibility in the middle of night time driving. This way your eyes will have a lot less straining to see the roadway. Additionally, corner illuminated fog lights for more improved visibility in reduced light circumstances.

Additional highlights like the GPS turn by turn navigation system can also be displayed within the speedometer cluster to keep your eyes focused on the road. Connectivity of your Bluetooth enabled devices do not just stop at iPhone and Androids…

You can also connect a wireless camera as well, like the Go Pro Hero 4 and Hero 4 Sessions. Which come in handy for those trips to the beach, or mountains. Whether you surf, ski or snowboard, capture every moment of the road trip.

Now all you have decide you want to drive the S model, Wolfsburg Edition, Sport Edition or the SEL. They all come with the 2.0L Turbo but do you need the all-wheel-drive 4MOTION model for those snowboarding trips?

So you decide which model you want to drive but for me I will be looking to personal review the 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan in Palm Springs CA and the Wolfsburg Edition.